Teeth Whitening

Is your smile letting you down? Our teeth whitening service will bring the sparkle back into your smile in no time! Your smile is the key to your personal and professional success. Book your appointment today.


Laser Teeth Whitening

UV laser teeth whitening is safe, pain free, and effective. All you need is about an hour and half in the chair. (Just tell your colleagues in the office you deserve a long lunch.)

Our professional dentists use the latest equipment to give you professional, long lasting results. We’ll make a custom designed kit to fit your mouth and protect your gums. This means you’ll have your confidence back with no nasty side effects.

The Dangers of DIY

Over the counter bleaching kits promise dazzling results. But why risk stomach problems, toothache, gum­shrinking and nerve damage or worse? You won’t be smiling if you end up with spotted teeth or an infection. Get faster, better quality results with professional whitening.

Look Younger

Do you want to be happy, confident and sexy? The fastest way to look younger is to whiten your smile. Enjoy the feeling of a nicer smile. Book in your smile transformation now.