Dental Implants

Do you have missing or damaged teeth spoiling your smile? Talk to our friendly staff about dental implants.


What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are more like natural healthy teeth. People often refer to implants as “fake teeth”. But the fact is it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between an implant and a real tooth.

The dental implants procedure is safe and straightforward. Our expert dentists gently install a titanium screw into your jawbone, and place a crown over it. Over time, the implant fuses permanently with your bone. The implant is solid and easy to care for.

Why Choose Implants?

Implants are:

Strong and stable. A dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks,feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth.

Built to last. Your investment in dental implants is a long­term solution. Properly cared for implants can last a lifetime so you won’t need to pay for a replacement in the future.

More reliable than removable dentures. No need to feel uncomfortable in public. Unlike dentures, implants will never loosen or fall out when you talk, eat, smile, yawn, laugh or kiss.

Long Term Benefits

A face without teeth can sag and appear sunken and sad. Implants allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.

Dental implants can transform your life. Chat with our dentists about the steps to restoring your dignity today.